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Henna tattoos can represent the culture of both Indians and Malays society. The brides from both Indian weddings and Malay weddings will require Bridal Henna Service. In this multi-racial society, Henna Tattoo is very popular among other races too and has become a trend of fashion.


Henna Tattoo is temporary tattoos that created from henna paste and other mixtures instead of ink. They are a great alternative for people who want to get tattoos but do not want to undergo the pain of the needles. Aside from being temporary, henna vanishes after 1-2 weeks, sometimes it can last longer depending on how we care for it.


As opposed to getting permanent tattoos, henna tattoos are applied on the superficial layer of the skin also known as the dead skin layers. The henna will slowly fades away when the superficial layer is exfoliated and replaced by the inner layers.

An Indian wedding without mehndi is generally considered to be incomplete or imperfect. The bride's hands and feet will be covered with intricate henna designs. Her hands are applied with henna up to the elbow while her feet are covered with henna to her calf muscles.

Bridal Henna is also known as Inai Pengantin in Malays Society.

Very often, Henna Tattoo is a highlight in some events like Racial Harmony events, carnivals, festive events and so forth. Nowadays, Henna Tattoo is getting more popular and it has become part of the fashion and trendy in the society. It is very fun for guest to experience Henna Design in your event as they can bring home the beautiful Henna Design on their hands and it will stay for a few days to weeks on their skins.


Event Artist Singapore provide Henna Tattoo Services for:

Corporate Event, Company Dinner and Dance
Carnivals, Family Day, School Fairs & Event
Bridal Henna or Mehndi Night
Children Birthday Party
Personal Appointments
Racial Harmony events
Henna Night Party



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