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Put on a HAPPY FACE with inspiration, cool and excitement with Face & body painting!!

 Our Face Painting services help you make precious memories one face at a time by transforming your party guests into amazing works of art.

Face Painting Butterfly

We provide a full range of creative and fun face painting designs by our staff of talented artists. People of all ages can enjoy the experience of having their faces transformed into an exciting mask or accented by adorable cheek art.


We provide many different types of designs which are appropriate for both boys; super heroes, monsters, animals and for the girls we can offer princesses, butterflies, fairies, which will have their faces light up with excitement and pleasure. We can also paint cute cheek art motifs and hand designs.

Face Painting Singapore

For Corporate events we can also paint your business or company logo onto customer’s faces, hands or bodies or paint using your company colors to enhance your promotion.

Face painting is not only an artistic expression it is a form of entertainment. Everyone loves to watch the "enchanting" transformation created by our wonderfully talented artists!

Face Painting Singapore

Body painting that is limited to the face is known as face painting. Face painting is the artistic application of cosmetic "paint" to a person's face.

Popular face painting designs include:

Butterfly - A design consisting of the body of the butterfly being painted on the nose and the wings added across the cheeks. Wing patterns vary.


Cat - Plenty of creative designs for this heading. It can be wild leopard or tabby cat that normally made up of a neutral body of paint with bushy eyebrows and a muzzle.


Clown - The patterms consists of a body of white painting. With signature features such as a red nose or bright eyes with star. 


Dog - A black nose is added along with whisker pores. A tongue is commonly added to give the effect of the model panting, similar to that of a dog.


Tiger - The design consists of a body of orange and yellow paint, with black stripes painted on. Details include bushy eyebrows and a muzzle or whiskers, alongside a black painted nose. 

Face Painting


 Watch as the magic begins with the stroke of the brush and your child and party guests are transformed into wonderful butterflies, enchanted fairies and dragons, playful kittens and puppies, brave knights, gorgeous princesses, furious tigers, the possibilities are endless... Even after the designs are washed away the memories will last a life time with each picture - remember to have your camera ready!


Face Painting Services Singapore


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