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A caricature or cartoon drawing is a customized portrait. Caricature is  a special art and unique technique to reflect someone own personality, lifestyle, habbits, hobbies, special features, achievements, hair fashions, and many other aspects of one's life. This is because there is a reproduction of a photo of a particular person that includes some simplification and exaggeration of his style.

It's a unique and distinctive present or gift idea as it cannot be bought off the shelf but it is exclusively customised artwork. The caricature artist tailors the image or photo of a particular person's appearance and interests. Caricature can be drawn in head and shoulders style, or personalized full body look with any activity. The caricature drawing will generally portrait a "big head and tiny body" look, which provides the fun and amusement effect.


A caricature will surprise and amuse that special person. Caricature often been done with pencils, markers, water colours and, ink. It is a great unique and exclusive lifetime gift for the special person to treasure. The unique feature in caricature will also makes the special person to experience joyful smile and good laugh!



A caricature or portrait is a life time memoirs, it can help you to catch the important and valuable moments in time with enormous humours.   Live caricature in your party or event can be a great fun and good experience for your guests or visitors. On top of that, they will get a good laugh and bring home with the amazing and impressive caricature after the event. It is definitely serve as a great souvenir for the event.

Event Artist Singapore offers the following caricature services: 

Live caricature (speed caricature) for company event, carnivals or any special occasions
Professional customised caricature and portraiture services for individual or group
Family caricature
Wedding caricature
Caricature or Portraiture for corporate gift
Portrait for personal or group



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