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 Among Indians, one may notice that their weddings are celebrated in very elaborate ways. It is their tradition to celebrate weddings for five days, the fifth being the actual wedding ceremony. The second day of this celebration is called the mehndi party where mehndi or henna are tattooed on all of the females bodies. This is to enhance the mood of the celebration. Indian weddings are considered incomplete if mehndi is absent.


Mehndi symbolizes fertility, but to Indians, this symbolizes the love and the affection that the bride's husband and her mother-in-low will be giving her. They believe that the longer the mehndi design will stay on the skin of the bride, the more love she receives. The bride will also not be doing any household chores as long as the mehndi design has not yet faded.


Bridal mehndi designs that are tattooed on the bride and that of her sisters are the same. These designs are chosen to match the dress of the bride which are usually green or orange. The designs chosen should also help enhance the beauty of the bride so that her beauty will prevail among all the women attending the party. Bridal mehndi are usually applied on the hands and feet of the bride one day prior to her wedding.





A fun part of the bridal mehndi tradition among Indians would be the name game. The bride would write the groom's name on her palm along with the intricate mehndi designs. His goal would be to look for his name. If he cannot find it, that would mean that the bride would have the upperhand in their marriage. There are weddings that do not start until the groom finds his name among all the mehdni patterns.


There are various designs that a bride may choose from for her bridal mehndi. There are intricate floral designs and paisleys, traditional designs, and modern designs. Actually, it can be anything that the bride desires. The best bridal mehndi designs are anything that adds beauty to the bride's hands. Mehndi designs are also chosen to match the bridal dress or to complement the ceremony.



Professional mehndi artists are usually hired to apply the mehndi designs on all the guests and the bride. There are different bridal packages that artists offer. All the bride has to do is to choose the best package deal that she can get from the artist. Application of mehndi tattoos on the bride and the guests should be taken in to consideration when choosing a package deal. After all, mehndi application takes so much time.


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